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Cyberpunk RPG Adventures

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Showdown in Chinatown

“Showdown in Chinatown” is a system-agnostic RPG Adventure. The aim is to provide a readymade storyline, content and ideas for Game Masters. This will enable them to concentrate on running their game with minimal preparation. They can also add their own stats for enemies.
The player characters are tasked to retrieve a hard drive but find themselves within the crossfire of two warring Triad Societies.

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The Dragon Strikes

The Dragon Strikes is the sequel to the Cyberpunk RPG Adventure `Showdown in Chinatown´. You can click here to see more information on the first part of the adventure. It continues the story of the Triad war in Chinatown, between `Tseng Society´ and the `Flaming Sword Society´. These two warring Triad factions are ready to battle it out on the busy streets of Chinatown. Soon the chatter of vendors and hawkers will be replaced with the sound of gunfire and bullets ricocheting back and forth.

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Farewell to Chinatown

Farewell to Chinatown´ is the finale to our `Showdown in Chinatown´ trilogy. It brings to a conclusion the brutal Triad war between Tseng Society and the Flaming Sword Society. The players will have to take over Triad businesses, survive a torture chamber, and assault a desert motel to finish off the Flaming Sword leader Yi Lok.

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Kentaro´s Revenge

`Kentaro´s Revenge´ is a Cyberpunk revenge story RPG adventure. Join Kentaro in his vengeance mission against a pharmaceutical company that has killed hundreds of civilians with a failed vaccination program. The players will be tasked with the assassination of top executives of the corporation. They will face combat drones, corporate security, death squad members and the dreaded `Behemoth´.