Tomb of the Colossus Gods is a Dark Epic Fantasy Campaign & Setting designed for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest role-playing game.

It features a hardcover book of 400 plus pages that contains a sizeable illustration of high-quality art and content. Also included are animated & static battlemaps, monster miniatures, weapons, spell cards, and more!

Join an epic quest and battle against gargantuan monsters summoned by the Mage Kalastromo who, with the aid of arcane magic seeks to awaken the Colossus Gods who delve deep below the Ageless City.

Animated, Static &
Printed Battlemaps

More than 30 beautiful 3D created battlemaps showcasing the City of Deepwell, the mines, Land of Decay, Ageless City and the Tomb of the Colossus Gods.
Play with the animated, static or printed version. Your choice!

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Join an epic quest where the heroes are set to embark on a journey across the desolate Land of Decay. It is an island where new cults and dark sorcery thrive with the discovery of temples and tombs discovered beneath its Ashen Desert. The quest of the players is set in motion by the Mage Damastrius to uncover the mysteries of the Tomb of the Colossus Gods that are buried deep below the Ageless City. It is here that time was brought to a standstill millennia ago. Along their journey, they will encounter terrible adversaries and battle against the Mage Kalastromo who is attempting to return to the Ageless City and awaken the Colossus Gods.


The story is set on the mysterious island known as the Land of Decay that is about to be discovered by the players. It is a place where ancient ruins and monuments lie decaying deep within the Ashen Desert. No records remain of what kind of people inhabited this land. All that remains are fragments that when pieced together provide only a tiny glimpse of life as it once was.

New cults and dark sorcery have thrived with the discovery of temples & ruins. Rogue wizards and sorcerers hunt for answers that will uncover the powers of the race that once lived upon this withered land.  A testament to their magnificence and power can be found amidst the underground ruined structures. Places that hold dark secrets and horrors, awaiting those who dare to uncover them.


The players commence their journey in Deepwell, a sunken city deep below the earth, where a handful of guilds and wealthy merchants control the mining operations. Together they form the Deepwell consortium. They are the city´s employers, judiciaries, and the ones who control the entry and departure of anyone within the metropolis.

In a place such as this, any semblance of fairness is seen to be a weakness and a loosening of the invisible chains that bind the citizens to the mines. Brutal laws are the deterrents against any revolutionary thoughts; yet even in a place of darkness, a beacon of hope will sometimes shine through.

This is Deepwell, a place forgotten by the rays of light and overtaken by the darkness of the mine and those who control it.

Factions of Deepwell


The quest of the players is set in motion by the Mage Damastrius, whose origins date back to the genesis of the Ageless City. He tasks the players to uncover the mysteries of the Colossus Gods that are buried deep below the Ageless City. It is here that time was brought to a standstill millennia ago.

Along their journey, the players will encounter the Masters, remnants of the ancient civilization who upon their arrival, brought the gift and curse of immortality, to the citizens of the Ageless City.

Damastrius who now dwells as a reclusive Mage in the City of Deepwell was once an acolyte that uncovered the true appetite of the Gods and the earth-shattering magic they wielded.


Born and raised in the Ageless city, Kalastromo´s path began as a disciple of the Masters. His imagination grew day by day with the arrival of these strange beings and the prospect of living for eternity. In time he grew from being the naive student and rose to become an ardent follower and priest in the ways of the Masters, and their devotion to the Colossus Gods.

When the bygone golden era of the Ageless City morphed into the collapsed era of Decay, Kalastromo lost his mentors. He escaped the Ageless City and fled to the Land of Decay in search of answers in the temple ruins beneath the ashen-colored desert.

It is from the embers of memories of the Divine Mission, that the Cult of Time was born. Men and women were devoted to the ancient ways of the Masters who longed for the return of their Ageless era.

It is in the Land of Decay that Kalastromo searches for powerful talismans and ancient weapons, that if held in his power could serve as an aid to conquering the Ageless City. His army of pilgrims search endlessly for ancient sites and hidden tombs to locate talismans for their leader.


A city that once thrived in a golden era of immortality. Its people were guided by the Divine Mission enforced by the Masters who in turn unlocked the gift of immortality for the people. They all worked for one common goal, to awaken the Colossal Gods from their eternal slumber.

Both Damastrius and Kalastromo lived throughout the golden era of the Ageless City, and their paths departed at the same crossroads. Damastrius chose the way of knowledge and enlightenment, while Kalastromo delved deep into the sacrificial rituals and offerings of the Masters. His obsession with immortality went beyond the Divine Mission.


The players will have to battle deadly foes on their mission to uncover the terrible secrets hidden deep within the lairs of the Colossus Gods. These include the horrific and repugnant Demis; powerful gargantuan monsters disfigured by arcane magic and sacrificial offerings.

They will face Kalastromo and his deadly army of followers who aim to control immortality and with it, awaken the Colossus Gods.