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Dark Epic Fantasy RPG coming to Kickstarter

We are excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter project:
Tomb of the Colossus Gods. Release date: February 2022.
A Dark Epic Fantasy Campaign & Setting for D&D 5th Edition. It features a hardcover book with 400 plus pages. Get notified of the launch on Kickstarter:
The quest of the players is set in motion by the Mage Damastrius to uncover the mysteries of the Tomb of the Colossus Gods that are buried deep below the Ageless City. It is here that time was brought to a standstill millennia ago.
Along their journey, they will encounter the Masters, remnants of the ancient civilisation that upon their arrival brought with them the gift and the curse of immortality to the citizens of the Ageless City.
The Players will have to uncover the terrible secrets hidden deep within the lairs of the Gods. These include the horrific and repugnant DEMIS, powerful monsters disfigured by arcane magic and sacrificial offerings, who are now the custodians of the tombs.
To reach the Ageless City, the players will have to venture across the Land of Decay. It is an island that conceals dark secrets beneath its ash-coloured desert where cults and dark sorcery have thrived with the discovery of temples & ruins.
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